Fees and packages

Free telephone consultation to get to know your nutritional issues, and discuss goals and expectations of the consultation.
£80 first appointment  this includes:
  •  60-90minutes face to face/skype/telephone;
  • pre consultation assessment of food diary; 
  • pre consultation clinical questionnaire review;
  • personalised report and meal plan  post consultation
£45 review appointments:
  • 30-45 minutes face to face/skype/telephone;
  • motivational discussions;
  • support for the changes you would like to make;
  • recipes and more meal ideas;
  • progression on to long term dietary changes.
£45 supermarket shopping tour:
  • 1:1 tour of your local supermarket;
  • helping you choose items to suit you and your family;
  • individualised to your dietary needs;
  • understand the food labels.
Free email support between appointments.
NEW for 2018- Dietetic personalised coaching package
£50 per month
  • Suitable for those trying to lose or gain weight 
  • This includes using the BDA coaching Oviva app;
  • uploading photos of your meals and snacks;
  • professional feedback Monday -Friday;
  • monitoring of your weight and other body measurements;
  • motivational support via the app;
  • face to face or web based video support on a regular monthly basis;
  • individualised support and signposting to recipes and nutritional material;
  • shopping advice and meal planning;
I look forward to working with you…. Jackie
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