Fees and Coaching programmes

FREE Discovery call
Free 20 minute telephone consultation to get to know your nutritional issues, and discuss goals and expectations of the consultation – in the comfort of your home, at a time to suit you
Nutrition check -£150
This will involve completion of a food diary and health questionnaire prior to the session and then 2 appointments
  • initial ( 60 minutes) and one review ( 30 minutes) consultation
  • online, telephone
  • food diary review
  • comprehensive assessment and bespoke recommendations on meal planning, meal ideas, recipes, advice on portions and signposting to useful resources
  • Free email support between consults

IBS Dietetic coaching programme – £300

This will involve completion of a food and symptom diary and health questionnaire prior to the session and then 3 appointments 

  • Initial 90 minutes and 2 review ( 45 minutes) consultations
  • There may be nutritional interventions recommended for example trialling the Low FODMAP diet, low lactose, recommendations on probiotics. All options will be discussed with you and clear advice and practical support offered. Aiming to minimise your symptoms, support good long term gut health and improve your quality of life.
  • support over a 3-5 month period

12 week Lifestyle dietetics coaching programme 

This would be suitable for those with long term conditions including hypertension, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high lipid levels and for those keen to lose or gain weight. This will involve completion of a diary (including food, mood, glucose levels, lipid profile details, activity, motivation levels and health questionnaire prior to the first session).

  • Initial 60 minute appointment with 5 review consultations (30-45 minutes) every 2-3 weeks – £450
  • initial 60 minute appointment with intensive support at weekly reviews ( 30-45 minutes)- £800
  • you would get a personalised plan with achievable goals and targets
  • support with understanding and interpreting blood results
  • resources including information handouts, recipes ideas, meal ideas, portion size guidance, identification of barriers to change, practical support and guidance on emotional eating behaviours, mindful eating techniques,
  • free email support between reviews
Ongoing long term nutrition maintenance programme – support every 4 weeks (£50 per month)
  • uploading photos of your meals and snacks;
  • monitoring of your weight and other body measurements;
  • motivational messaging support via email or a specialist nutrition app;
  • Telehealth support on a regular monthly basis;
  • individualised support and signposting to recipes and nutritional material;
  • ongoing advice on your eating behaviours, meal planning;
Optional extras 

1. Supermarket shopping tour – £100

  • 1:1 tour of your local supermarket;
  • helping you choose items to suit you and your family;
  • individualised to your dietary needs;
  • helping you understand the food labels.

2. Monday to Sunday one week meal plan individualised to you and your family complete with recipes  – £250

I look forward to working with you…. Jackie