“Jackie’s warmth and personable style made it easy to discuss relatively personal matters in an easy way. The consultation gave me greater confidence putting big changes into place around my diet, which have made my symptoms much more manageable.” – Alastair, 32yr

“After suffering with IBS symptoms for many years I was keen to find out more about the FODMAP diet which someone mentioned to me. The service I’ve received from Jackie has been excellent. A very professional service with helpful advice that made the process of following the diet and monitoring symptoms relatively straight forward. My IBS improved massively in a very short period of time and Jackie has been supportive through the re-introduction process.

I would happily recommend her services.” – Victoria, 36yr


“Jackie helped me gain weight and deal with my IBS, and also got me through my GCSE exams”- Robert

“You have a very considerate and caring manner which meant you gained Robert’s trust to encourage him to try foods when he was previously limiting himself to a very restrictive diet. You didn’t push him too hard and let him go at his own pace. He has now regained all the weight he has previously lost due to his IBS issues”- Robert’s mum

After being diagnosis with anaemia and unable to tolerate any iron supplements, Jackie was able to help me with what foods had the most amounts of iron which has helped me maintain my iron levels. Jackie is also  very down to earth and is very friendly person. – Sarah, 42yrs

I am very grateful for the time and understanding you afforded me when we met and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others. – Anonymous

I found my first visit to Jackie extremely helpful and opened up my understanding of how certain foods were affecting my lifestyle and general low feeling. Since then I have followed the FODMAP recommendations, which are not too arduous, and have felt like a different person ever since. No medical person had given me direction to Jackie – I searched for help myself on my computer and chose Jackie as she practices nearby and has the necessary qualifications. She turned out to be friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. A lucky find! – Bridget 69yrs

I was introduced to Jackie after many years of suffering the horrible symptoms of IBS. In just 6 weeks of following the FODMAP diet, I have felt 100% better! I now have the confidence to reintroduce food groups, knowing that if the symptoms return, I can have some control by returning to the original, recommended diet. Jackie is very approachable, with a good sense of humour, which is very helpful, when symptoms can sometimes be embarrassing! – Linda 51yrs