Sticky vanilla Figgy jam

 I just love the wonderful colour and texture of this simple jam.

I was so blessed with an offer of some figs from my friend Jacqui and off we went last Saturday for a fig picking session. These are the lovely green figs which a group of us picked  and yes we did need ladders to get the biggest ones at the top of the tree! I wanted to experiment with a figgy jam and gave it a go. Below is the recipe I used and the result was a refreshing sticky figgy jam- lovely.
  The jam is nearly at setting point…………..


1kg figs

700g sugar – I used what granulated as I had it in my cupboard

2 lemons – juice and the grated rind

1 tbsp vanilla extract/ scrape the seeds form 2 vanilla pods.

4 jam pots sterilised ( 20 minutes in the oven at 180degrees C, while the jam was cooking)


1.  Chop the figs into small pieces and add the sugar and lemon rind and juice,

2.  Stir and leave overnight,

3.  Warm up the mixture until it reaches the setting point – you can use the thermometer or “skin setting” point – it took around 10 minutes at full boiling point.

4.  Add in the vanilla extract or vanilla seeds

5.  put into the sterilised pots and leave to cool.

 Makes 4 small pots. Store in a cool dry place.

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