A burst of colour and nutrients- Tomato salsa


flat leaf parsley








This tomato salsa makes such lovely side dish for salads, bbq meats, fish, chilli and spicy foods and I love all the fresh herbs which are added! My garden is full of these herbs at the moment…   Enjoy


2 handfuls fresh herbs – I used parsley, marjoram, oregano, coriander

8 tomatoes

1 fresh red IMG_3045 IMG_3048IMG_3046 IMG_3047chilli

dressing – 1 table spoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, ground black pepper and salt and 1tsp brown sugar ( optional)


Method –

1.  Chop the herbs finely.






2.  Chop the tomatoes and chilli into small chunks.



3.  Mix all the dressing ingredients together and stir into the other ingredients –  Quick! Easy! Tasty!






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