Celery and Fennel soup

In the winteIMG_0059.JPGr months it feel so right to make some hearty soups and enjoy them at lunch or in the evenings. It is not easy finding flavoursome  recipes on a lower FODMAP diet -so I had a go with this recipe and was so pleased with the outcome.




2 fennel

8 sticks celery

1 tablespoon rapeseed oil

600mls chicken stock – homemade without onion

3-4 bay leaves



1.  Wash the fennel and chop into chunky slices

2.  Wash the celery and chop into slices and discard any stringy pieces.

3.  Heat the oil and add the fennel and celery and cook until starting to brown then add the chicken stock and bay leaves.



4.  Cook until the vegetables are cooked – around 30 minutes and then remove the bay leaves and use a blender to puree until smooth.





5. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add more water if too thick.


You may wish to add IMG_0057.JPGa little milk or milk alternative depending on your dietary requirements. It does taste much better than it looks!


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