Choconut balls – date and walnut

Choconut balls – date and walnut

These are high in protein, fibre, gluten free, a good vegetarian source of omega 3 fats,  no added sugar – just the natural sweetness of the dates.  Note they are not suitable for  a low fodmap diet due to the high oligofructan content, but great for a mid afternoon boost!

I’ve used a very simple method and in the Uk the ingredients are packaged in  these quantities – its annoying when you have a few grams of  ingredients left in the pack and not sure what to do with them!


200g dates – pitted

200g walnuts,

2 tablespoons water

2 dsp cocoa powder


1. Chop up the nuts in a grinder until very fine and then place them in a bowl.

2.  Blend the dates ensuring there are no stones still inside! Add 2 tablespoons water to help the process along.

3 . Add the cocoa to the dates and and stir in the nuts until you incorporated all the ingredients – adding little more water to get a mixture you  can shape.

4. Roll the mixture into small balls – I made 25 of these and then rolled some of the balls in cocoa powder to finish.  They are more bitter with the cocoa finish –  I quite them that way but my teenage boys liked them plain.

Pop in the fridge to set and enjoy!


(per ball: 83kcals, 5.6g fat, 6.4g carbohydrate,  1.5g protein) 


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