Go shopping with your client – Supermarket nutrition tour – totally client centred.

  Here is the feedback  I had from a client following an individualised restricted diet for IBS. We arranged to meet at a supermarket of her choice for a follow up appointment with a view to some practical advice; sourcing of new meals and snacks; food labelling education and discussion on progress with her eating habits and health.

“I have just had my third appointment with Jackie walking round a Supermarket! What a brilliant idea that has saved me hours of investigation! I have found Jackie to be so helpful and to have a wealth of expertise around this subject. The FODMAP diet improved my gut within 2 days. Thanks again Jackie….. 😊”

I usually have review 1:1 appointments in my office or using a webcam/telephone but this very personal service met the clinical and practical needs of my client in an individualised holistic way. Perhaps this is the way forward to be truly client centred?

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