Wilson’s hot tomatoes!

   The Wilson family have a tradition of growing and cooking tomatoes and they are so lovely. I may not be able to cook them quite  as well as my husbands ancestors but I gave it a go and they were delicious! We know about the additional nutritional benefits interns of antioxidants with the cooking process and the addition of olive oil and marjoram and oregano from the garden just completed the delights of this dish.


Tomatoes – as many as you can fit in the frying pan,

Olive oil – 1 tbsp

herbs from the garden – i used marjoram and oregano and chopped up finely,

salt and pepper,


1.  Cook the tomatoes with salt and pepper for around 20 minutes slowly,

2.  add in the herbs and serve.

This works really well as a vegetable with meat or fish and green or runner beans or on toast as a quick lunch. I also enjoyed them this morning with bacon for breakfast- Yum!



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